Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Web sites we like: The Getaway Driver


Searching the internet for classic car hire companies (as you do) I came across the site for The Getaway Driver, a company that does classic car hire and overnight breaks.

To me it looks like a well-designed site, the front page is classy and it is easy to navigate. Combined with sections named Getaway Cars, Escape Routes and Hideouts (for vehicles, rout plans and accommodation) it looks slick and stylish.

I like the concept of being able to spend anything from a day upwards on a driving holiday especially if you can organise the car and hotel in one go. A few years ago I did my own, budget version with a hired MGB and based from home – it was great fun and it is an experience I’d love to repeat but with a more upmarket car and maybe an overnight break somewhere.

You can also do a day with an ex-police driver or join one of the driving tours.

Of course I have to make it clear that I’ve not used this company and I have no connection with them, I just like the web site. Check it out here.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Picture of the day: A pair of E-types

The Jaguar E-type is not short of photogenic details, the tail lamps on the Series 1 were particularly lovely. I also love the way the rain drops have gathered on the curves of this car, which belongs to the Jaguar Heritage Trust. If I were trying again I'd attempt to get the tail lamp more horizontal in the frame.