Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Swinging my leg over a powerful motorcycle did not result in my immediate demise, you will be pleased to hear.  It was not for want of trying on the part of Jupiter Pluvius, various truck drivers and car drivers.  At times visibility was minimal and it must rank as one of the least pleasant journeys I have ever made.  Thinking back, however, the bike behaved superbly; not only running faultlessly but also refusing to be swayed by wind or rain.

Closer to home, on roads more interesting, familiar and considerably dryer than the motorway, I put the CBR through some bends.  The bike inspired such confidence that I found myself taking corners at higher speed than I would on my old 125.  Between the bends it was possible to start exploring the overtaking potential of a 600cc bike with 90-or so horsepower.  At the moment, it is fair to say, there is far more acceleration available than I have confidence to exploit.

It begs the question, what must a 1,000cc bike be like?