Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Happy day!

My car passed its MOT today.  No need for any remedial work - which you can't take for granted with any 18-year old car, especially an old Jaguar.  As you can imagine I'm feeling pretty chuffed.

A new development on the latest MOT certificate is a mileage history, showing the last four recorded odometer readings.  It is interesting to see how the mileage has increased over the years (I did 6,000 miles last year and 4,000 the year before).  Weather it will do anything to combat clocking is a different matter.  My instinct says that the greatest benefit in adjusting a car's mileage is in the first three years, before it ever sees an MOT bay.

I do like the Jaguar, it is a lovely old thing.  Hopefully it will keep going for a good few years as I can't think of anything within my modest means that I would rather own.