Thursday, 13 March 2008

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed

Budget time is a great excuse for commentators to come out and tell the world how right or wrong the Chancellor of the Exchequer had got things. One of Mr Darling’s more interesting pronouncements was that money would be set aside for road pricing initiatives. Given that Ruth Kelly had put road pricing “on the back burner”.

The Association of British Drivers noticed this too. It makes you wonder, does one government department not know what the other is doing or is it that politicians will say anything as long as it makes them popular at the time.

I’ve also been following people’s reactions to the budget on the BBC’s “Have Your Say” site. Most people have been complaining about the budget. Some, as you would expect, complain that the revised Vehicle Excise Duty (VED or “Road Tax” in old money) was unfair because it didn’t take account of how much people drove. “What we need is a way of charging people for each mile they drive”. What a stupid thing to say; we have a pay-per-mile system, it is called fuel duty!

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