Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The next big thing?

Matt-finish paint.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Grand Edition

Last week I wrote about a special edition of Mercedes’ CLS, which was offered in matt platinum paint. At the time I wondered if it would be the start of a new trend. Now Lamborghini is also offering four matt-effect paint finishes it looks like it could well be the start of a new trend.

It is hard to say how these colours will look in the metal but the Lamborghinis on the Detroit Motor Show stand look pretty stunning. The paint appears to have a sheen, an effect more like a satin paint than a true matt. The Italians don’t say anything about the paint’s practical qualities but the ever logical Germans claim that Mercedes’ matt paint is “highly scratch and dirt resistant”.

What neither firm mentions in its press release is how you’re meant to polish matt paint!

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Si Hollingworth said...

Presumably you don't, you just wash it!

I assume they're just using a satin lacquer over the top of their metallic base coat, but I've not seen one in real life yet so I don't know. Hot rods have been doing paint with matt finish since the '50s, though. "Suede", they call it.