Tuesday, 30 November 2010

An electric car of the year winner? Leaf it out.

I wish I’d put money on the Nissan Leaf taking the European Car of the Year prize. Somehow the Nissan always looked like a strong contender simply because its technology is fashionable.

Nissan Leaf

Interestingly, if you look at the voting grid the Leaf was not universally liked with some jurors awarding it either one or no points. In particular the Spanish and most of the Italian panellists seemed unimpressed by battery power.

Sometimes the voting has shown distinct nationalistic bias. This year, however, it wasn’t much in evidence. That said the Dacia Duster was the favourite of the Romanian juror (and also of one of the Belgians).

How would I have voted? Probably the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in first place, it just looks more interesting than the typical Focus, Golf or Astra. The Nissan is interesting but not CotY material.

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