Friday, 1 January 2016

Random thoughts from inside my head.

Starting the new year by reading in bed is thoroughly agreeable. Inspired by Terry Pratchett, whose stuff I'm reading, to scribble some stuff down before I forget. One of his essays (possibly more than one) talks about writers as people who have read so much that it starts to overflow; this is - if you like - the overflow from too much reading this morning.

Edward Turner of Triumph, reading about him in Classic and Sportscar, sounds a lot more interesting than I previously released. Used to record bed time stories for his children to listen to when he was away on business. Wrote a paper on the Japanese motorcycle industry after a trip to Japan in the 1960s.

Lead to thinking about British motor industry. Reminded of a comment about the car manufacturers all moving into unused Shadow Factories after the war, should they have invested in purpose built facilities instead? Now I have a mental image of Jaguar, Rootes, etc as giant industrial hermit crabs.

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