Friday, 29 August 2008

Weekend update Part 4

Time for a little light entertainment before the weekend. I am quite pleased with some of the photos I took at the Gold Cup. Static photos are quite easy to take but I’m particularly fond of this scene with a Lister Jaguar.

Action photos are more difficult. I know a poor workman blames his tools but action pictures don’t always focus in time and there is an annoying delay between pressing the button and the picture being taken – time that can make the difference between capturing the moment and missing it completely. One that did come out well was this scene of three Lotus Cortinas cornering hard at Cascades corner.

Sometimes the pictures were just a little too small or slightly out of focus. This picture of a Ford Falcon illustrates the problem.

Even more depressing is the perfectly framed shot that is completely out of focus. This Chevrolet Corvette was an interesting subject as it had been hastily repaired after an accident, you can make out the blue “gaffer tape” but the detail is lost.

Then there are the photos that were taken way too soon…

… a little too soon …

or too late.

I can’t remember what happened here but it was probably quite dramatic given the smoke hanging in the air…

But sometimes, if you’re too slow on the button, all you get is a picture of an empty stretch of tarmac.

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