Saturday, 15 May 2010

New A-Team film

*Warning - non-motoring related post*

Like, I suspect, many people in their early to mid thirties I have fond memories of Saturday tea times watching The A Team. Half an hour of good versus bad with lots of chases, explosions and no bad language or death. Probably the best part of the programme was the opening titles and theme music.

With that in mind I watched the trailer for the new A-Team film, which is clearly inspired by those opening words and chords. Sadly, and inexplicably, the voiceover lacks the punch of the television series - surely cinema is supposed to be bigger, brasher and more powerful than TV. I also hope that the music hasn't been remixed, reimagined or otherwise messed about; it was pretty near perfect for the show and would translate to the big screen without alteration. At the moment I'm worried that the film will prove disappointing. Then again it is probably better than trailers that over-sell the feature they're promoting.

I suppose I'll have to get myself down to the cinema when it goes on general release and find out for myself. If I remember I may even follow up this post with a film review.

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