Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The return of Alvis

From Fourwheelsteer: Motoring Writer

Even though Alvis ceased car production in 1967 there are plans to revive the name and bring back one of the company’s pre-war models. Red Triangle, the company formed by ex-Alvis employees to look after spares and servicing for the marque, plans to build a limited run of 4.3-litre cars.

Production of the 4.3-litre model was halted in 1940 as the company (and nation) had higher priorities that required attention. However, there were plans to build more examples of the model.

The cars will be built using the original drawings and the latest CAD/CAM technology. Although the engine will be essentially the same 4.3-litre straight six the plan is to use modern materials, engine management and fuel injection to cut emissions and increase power. Other than that the car should retain the feel and character of the 1930s design.

Maybe this is a new direction for low-volume manufacturers; instead of focussing on high-speeds how about providing decent performance with the tactility and involvement you get from an old car?

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