Thursday, 10 May 2007

Sad Audi

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I was out and about in Leamington Spa today and I saw a sad sight; a neglected Audi Quattro. It was parked on someone’s drive so it wasn’t just abandoned and it appeared to be completely standard, with no naff alloy wheels or silly spoilers. It looks like it hasn’t moved for a while, judging by the fallen leaves around it, the flat tyres and the thick layer of dirt covering it. I also noticed a large patch of rust on the sill, below the driver’s door.

You have to wonder how the Quattro came to be in this state. Had it been damaged in an accident or some other mishap I could understand To leave it, half forgotten, on a suburban street is no way for such a car to end its days. At some point it must have been someone’s pride and joy and one of the fastest cars on the road. I can only wonder how this one ended up neglecting and slowly rotting.

1 comment:

David Wilkins said...

Blimey - given its orginal state that must be worth a few bob even if its is a bit shabby!