Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Big Brother is watching you...

...but don't worry he can't get you.

Nothing to do with the ever popular TV series, more a question of the wisdom of law enforcement by camera and computer. I drove past a roadside checkpoint which according to the sign displayed was automatically checking everyone's road tax (or Vehicle Excise Duty to be precise) as they drove past. It seemed like a sensible idea and I expected to see the police further up the road waiting to have a word with anyone flagged as un-taxed but the police weren't there. I can only presume that a stern letter and a £80 fine will be sent to the registered keeper for any un-taxed cars the camera identified.

Now maybe I've thought about this too much but if I was going to drive around in an un-taxed car - and go the whole hog and avoid insurance and MOT too - then I would not have it registered to my address. So who will end up getting fined? A few forgetful motorists who keep their cars correctly registered but somehow overlooked the clearly visible date printed on their tax disk. No doubt the fine will act as a sharp reminder to those people not to be so forgetful in future but it is not going to address the hardcore offenders.

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