Thursday, 28 February 2008

Did anyone else see Torchwood this week?

I’m sure I saw a police-liveried Citroën C6. Having been to the BBC iPlayer site and reviewed the few seconds of disjointed film where the C6 appears it is unmistakably the big Citroën. The C6 seems like an odd choice for a police car; too complex and plush. What cars do Cardiff police actually use? Anyway, the pictures are taken from the BBC.

Citroen C6 police torchwood 1
Not sure if you can make out the frameless side window

Citroen C6 police torchwood 2
Unmistakable tail lamp

Blurred but clearly a police C6

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Anonymous said...

The same Citroen C6 police car appeared in the Doctor Who episode 4x02 'Partners In Crime'.