Friday, 8 June 2007

Car of the day: Lada Riva estate

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An odd choice this; shoddy build, zero style and an antiquated driving experience but it fall squarely into the, “When did you last see one?” category. Ladas used to be quite common but they seemed to disappear overnight a few years ago. I have a feeling that, with the collapse of the Soviet Union lots of Ladas went back to Russia where there was a pent up demand for private cars. Old age and neglect have probably done for most of the Ladas left on these shores.

Maybe it is because I grew up when nearly all cars were as square as the Lada and therefore think that the Lada looks like a proper car. Maybe it is the irresistible lure of the awful car; refusing to believe that it is as bad as people say. Whatever the reason there is something about Ladas that appeals to me.

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