Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Pet Peeves: “The indicator stalk is on the wrong side”

In a right hand drive car where the gear lever is to the driver’s left which is the correct side for the indicator stalk? Is the proper position for the indicator stalk going to be the same for a left hand drive car where the driver applies the right hand to the gear lever? Indicating and changing gear are often done in close succession so why make it difficult by expecting the same hand to do both?

Having spent plenty of time driving right-handed cars with indicators on the right and gear lever on the left – not just my Hondas but also my German-built Ford Granada coupé of 1977 vintage – I have to say that it is a better arrangement. Indeed it used to be the standard arrangement for British cars, which is why it annoys me when people claim that the arrangement is wrong. It annoys me even more when Autocar criticised the Vauxhall VXR8 (an Australian Holden, set up correctly for its native RHD market) and yet the Kia Cee’d was praised for the same arrangement.

It goes to show that the unfamiliar is too readily accepted as wrong, even by people who should know better.

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Anonymous said...

Too right. It's one of the many things that really annoys me. "No it's not on the wrong side, its on the RIGHT side!". If RHD cars were meant to have the indicator stalk on the left, surely LHD cars should have it on the right then. Nope, not the case. Its only Blighty thats so blind to the issue. Buy a Jap car in any other RHD country and it'll have its stalk on the "correct" right hnd side of the wheel.