Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sighting of the day: Mercedes-Benz 260E

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On my way home from work today I spotted this Mercedes 260E – a W124 model. The first thing that grabbed me was the condition; it looked clean, tidy and almost factory fresh. The interior looked equally untouched by the passage of time. As far as I can tell only the alloys – from a later model – are not original. The second unusual thing was that it was the 260E instead of the 230E or 300E both of which seem more common.

Seeing a 17 year old Mercedes in such great condition reminded me why Mercedes enjoy a reputation for quality and longevity. There are lots of different opinions about which was the last real Mercedes but the W124 series was among the last real, over engineered cars.

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David Wilkins said...

Ah yes - they don't make them like that any more. Mercedes could do worse than put the W124 back into production. Just stick the 220CDI and 320CDI engines in them. Those are the only changes that are needed.