Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Roadsters Remembered: Honda S2000

With summer well and truly over it seemed time to bring this series to a conclusion. I wanted to save the best until last and the Honda is my favourite of all the roadsters I’ve driven. From the moment I settled behind the wheel I felt at home, the cabin was close fitting without being cramped. The pedals, wheel and gear lever were all perfectly located and the digital instruments were a model of clarity.

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Going slowly the S2000 was as easy to drive as any Honda Civic. Over serious bumps the body felt amazingly rigid, maybe the ride was a little on the firm side but it was controlled rather than harsh. The engine pulled freely and strongly with increasing vigour as the revs increased. The steering felt linear in its weighting and response, the gear lever had a beautiful action and even at 100mph I was perfectly comfortable with the roof lowered.

I have enjoyed all the open cars I have driven. Any of them would serve admirably as occasional, fair weather transport. Only the S2000 felt like a serious car that could be used everyday. It might not be cheap but I’m convinced the S2000 is worth every penny.

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